Egypt is today’s fascinating destination blending the beauty of its culture with an enthusiastic sense for a positive turn. We’ve noticed that Egypt has eternally been quite the explorer in discoveries. The art of antique Egyptian hieroglyphics and the world’s most extraordinary monuments have marked a history. Its attractive civilization exhibits an interesting past, as the nation has been a spectator to the growth and breakdown of various amenities, each group giving an enduring impression on Egypt’s cultural aspect.

Listen to tales bustling on a tour of ancient Egypt. Travel one of the prehistoric amenities, reinspecting the chronicle tales and halt your eyes on structural miracles such as the Great Pyramids. Visit Egypt for the wisdom of an endurance, where you’ll wander amidst the ruins of the Ancient World’s magnificent edifices and observe the glory of its prosperity, flourishing skills and holy form of growth as it formerly survived.


Start backpacking for Cairo, Africa’s biggest city and the ideal journey into Egypt’s unprecedented mixture of cultures. Initial impacts will grab your wonderment as you walk into the bustling lanes of this heaven, consuming the diversity of the county’s fascinating artifacts combined in with stores, markets, restaurants helping a combination of Egyptian desserts.

Coptic Cairo, the former region remembered in Egyptian history and the first place of Roman-built Babylon. By the delta of an ancient waterway that once united the Nile River to the Red Sea, it grew gradually assembled with the country’s pioneer churches and monasteries. The Islamic section is worth traveling for its network of roads and marketplaces. Found on the peak of Muqattam Hill is the old Citadel, an example of the world’s genuine monuments to ancient war. With its eccentric dome and mounting towers, the Mosque of Mohammed Ali delivers the Citadel a passionate and instant catch. Tour through the legendary Ibn Tulum, the oldest and largest mosque in the city surviving in its original form.

A tour through the legendary country, the excellent and magnificent structures in the city is so much enduring in its pure style.


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Planning of an exotic holiday, don’t think twice before you decide to head to Kashmir. Actually the Heaven on the Earth, which gives very soothing and relaxing feeling. As if you are in the lap of nature, what else could be better than this feeling?

Holiday for a fortnight is even less for such a beautiful and wonderful destination, however, if you have limited time to come back then few places must not be escaped from the package.

  1. Srinagar is the place which is surrounded by the natural beauty and calmness that gives peace to the souls of the visitors. Boating, Trekking and Water Skiing are some of the adventures available for the tourists. Stay in a houseboat is one of the most wanted parts of the holiday. Best time to plan your trip, June to October and for enjoying snowfall December fall or beginning of January.
  2. Gulmarg is the Aura of Flowers, as the name suggests. Adventures like Mountain Biking, Trekking, Skiing and Gondola rides add up to the amazing experience of the trip.
  3. Sonamarg is one of the most popular sites in Kashmir with breath-robbing views and the impressive atmosphere inviting everyone.
  4. Leh is comparative colder than other sites, which also offers Trekking and Mountain Biking adventures. Tourists feel the love of nature in between huge mountains and lakes. Most of the tracks are closed in late winter, due to the risk factors of snowfall.
  5. Hemis is a small village, which is famous for the monastery of monks and Hemis National Park, which displays the rare species of the animals who can adapt to the environment of the climate. Best time to watch the place in May to July.

Don’t forget to share your terrific experience with your friends and colleagues, so that they can also enjoy the awesome holiday.